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Derun, Canada's largest retail
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    On May 16, the procurement division, a trading company of Canada Line 5 to Leling City Derun Health Food Co., Ltd., supplies of disposable jujube, jujube, jujube juice products to Delhi to carry on the inspection, guests in Dong Fengming, accompanied by deputy general manager of the company visited the Derun organic jujube planting base, then the dried candied fruit production workshop, concentrated jujube juice production line, R & D building laboratory to conduct a comprehensive inspection.
The company is Canada's largest retail trader, has more than 1500 large supermarkets, with annual sales of billions of dollars. The Delhi to discuss cooperation, one is Leling jijithus unparalleled influence value, and the second is the value Derun excellence of high quality products. Derun since its inception, always put the product quality in the first place, established organic jujube planting base, with no physical insecticidal, fertilizing organic fertilizer pollution management, the production of jujube for all their production, from the source to ensures the quality of products. In order to win the favor of Canada's largest retail trader, Leling jujube and Derun products open up the North American market laid a foundation.
The company's procurement staff in the process of investigation, Derun base management, detection, sorting, cleaning, drying, packaging and other aspects were detailed understanding, expressed his appreciation of Derun modernization production equipment and strict management, also pointed out the individual part of the existing problems, and put forward rectification opinions. Audit is completed on both sides of the negotiations, reached a preliminary Leling jujube, jujube nuclear cooperation intention and favorable to the "original zero add jujube juice very interested, took the sample back to study the market after the purchase.


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Leling Derun Health Food Co., Ltd.  2013  Copyright phone??0534-6889663  Fax??0534-6889661 Address??Leling City, Shandong Province, No. 79 West advance
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