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Derun took the lead through the EU BRC certification
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Derun took the lead in the domestic industry through the European Union BRC certification product quality leader

Recently, Leling City Derun Health Food Co., Ltd. smooth through the European Union BRC certification audit. This is after the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system and HACCP food safety management system, the United States FDA certification obtained the four important international certification.
The certification by the most authoritative food safety technical service institutions responsible for certification, the certification process in strict accordance with the July 1, 2015 started the implementation of the BRC Global Standard for food safety, 7th Edition requirement item by item audit. In the audit process, the expert group on the BRC system files were reviewed, and in-depth production workshop on the production process of the key values of the confirmation. After the audit, the group of experts on the Derun company BRC global standard food safety compliance and effectiveness of fully affirmed, approved by the audit and issue a certificate of certification.
(BRC British Retail Consortium) is an important international trade association. Its members include all kinds of large multinational retail chain enterprises, department stores, town shops, Internet retailers and other retailers, products related to a wide range. "BRC global standard food safety" has become a widely accepted standard for the best suppliers in many industries. It is not only used for the evaluation of the retailer brand product manufacturers, but also for the evaluation of brand products. Many retailers in Europe and America and the world in the choice of suppliers, BRC certificate is necessary to provide one of the conditions.
Derun since its inception, always put the production of high quality products in the first place, built a million acres of organic jujube planting base, with fertilizing organic manure, physical therapy and other insects pollution-free management methods, the production of jujube for all their production, from the source to ensures the quality of products. The PETROFER company in the domestic industry dates to took the lead through the BRC certification, international society of Derun product quality further recognition, Derun open up the international market, especially the EU market has laid a solid foundation.


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