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Leling Derun Health Food Co., Ltd.
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Phone:   0534-6889663
Fax:     0534-6889661
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Address:Leling City,Shandong Province,NO. 79  Westadvance
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June 20, COFCO Ltd. Weihai procurement department, quality tube, person in charge of the sales department to Derun supplier annual audit, vice president of sun Jiujiang accompanied the guests to R & D building, dried dates, candied fruit plant, cold storage, jujube base were investigated. Guests visit, said: Derun standardized enterprise management and strong production capacity is a symbol of the strength of the company, especially built million acres of organic jujube planting base, to ensure product quality from the source, is COFCO Zhen purchase goods business is the value of the condition, but also let the consumer trust foundation.

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Leling Derun Health Food Co., Ltd.  2013  Copyright phone??0534-6889663  Fax??0534-6889661 Address??Leling City, Shandong Province, No. 79 West advance
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