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Derun: do not forget the development of social poverty alleviation show great love
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On the morning of July 13th, health food expert Derun invited the Leling Municipal Bureau of agriculture, forestry and technology organized training seminars in science and technology small courtyard Zhu Ji Zhen government, according to their encounter in jujube management problems and dispel misunderstanding, Li Xiaoan and other three key poverty-stricken villages issued 330 bags of organic compound fertilizer. This is the company's response to the CPC Central Committee and State Council on winning the fight against poverty decision and Shandong provincial government to poverty alleviation of the agricultural sector important instructions, actively carry out the first step in the precise poverty alleviation.
Derun health food was founded six years ago, richly endowed by nature Leling city relying on the 500 thousand acres of jujube forest, from simple production to jujube candied jujube concentrated juice, jujube juice, and then to the Shandong University and signed a cooperation agreement to produce red dates of high-end health products, grow up step by step, Shandong province has become the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, Shandong leading forestry enterprises, China jujube industry famous enterprises. Zhu town of Leling City jujube production area, the territory has 300 thousand acres of jujube forest, Derun's annual production of raw materials for jujube are all from the town construction company procurement; organic Jinsixiaozao base is located in the southern town of Zhu, all of them came from Andy Lee jujube village several villages in the circulation of gardening the workers of production management is from the several village to hire an experienced service, therefore, vigorously support the development of Derun cannot do without the service of Zhu town.
Drink from the source, development and expansion of enterprises should bear certain social responsibilities, more should be the majority of their return to contribute to the development of enterprises, but also in response to the central and provincial agriculture on poverty alleviation and the call to actively carry out the precise poverty series of activities. Expert of Municipal Bureau of agriculture and Forestry Bureau and China Agricultural University, Leling science and technology small courtyard, technical training, for their issuance of organic compound fertilizer, help them to improve the quality of jujube jujube production, is the first step, the next to the village of idle labor recruitment record with priority, to increase their income and employment outside the jujube, for their the production of jujube all according to the market price of the acquisition, get rid of their menace from the rear. This series of poverty alleviation activities, highlighting the Derun health food social responsibility great love spirit.


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