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Derun base: a new landmark of Leling jujube Cultural Tourism Zone
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Autumn gold, just red jujube. In the harvest season, Leling red jujube, jujube Expo opened, tourists, hundreds of thousands of acres of jujube forest alive.
Leling county to the northeast, along the tourist road not far, entered the Leling jujube cultural tourism zone. In the middle of the rose and white edge edge, Hebei and Shandong, Zaoyuan sightseeing tower, there is not a development of the original ecological Jinsixiaozao jujube forest - Derun organic planting base, here the air is fresh, luxuriant foliage, hundreds of years old jujube meet the eye everywhere. Red with low pressure, walking in the corridor, without hand picked, mouth to eat the jujube, in this beautiful scenery, tourists come to immerse them, reluctant to leave.
With overseas market development efforts to increase, Derun company's product quality requirements to almost harsh point. At the beginning of last year, Derun invested a lot of manpower and resources, from Zhu Ji Zhen circulation of the hands of the jujube and jujube orchard, hired senior agronomist and horticultural workers, the management method of fertilizing organic fertilizer and hanging plate, sticky trap lamp and other physical Zhichong, fundamentally eliminate the production of pesticide residues, the jujube all used to produce their own. From the source to ensure the quality of products.
Planted trees, Phoenix competing to. Pollution-free management Derun base, improve the jujube quality at the same time, also attracted a large number of tourists come to watch, picking. Now, Derun has become the new landmark of Leling jujube base cultural tourism zone. Especially in the jujube during the fair, every base Yourenruzhi in a continuous line. The company built a park inside the base, placed on the bench, laying brick corridor, also introduced the path beside erected jujube cultural signs, allowing visitors to not only some tours, some play, but also enjoy the comfortable, fun. More visitors through the base play, only to understand, understand the Derun company, and thus become a distributor or consumer of the product of the Derun.

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